Welcome back to my second semester. The Spring.


Everything you will want from Animus Session: The Dead of Winter.

Click on the picture to download the mixtape.


And if you liked what you heard, come back for this:

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLECA709E14791F37A&feature=view_all

And if you really liked what you heard, help me complete this:

Rapgenius: http://rapgenius.com/albums/Helios/Animus-session-the-dead-of-winter

Finally, I would like to thank every blog that gave me a chance with this project. Everyday, it gets a little harder to distinguish yourself from the pack and I’m glad these guys recognized something in me. I promise you that I’m here to stay.

I love to write but I feel like brevity is required for this post. I thank everyone who liked the tape and whoever’s a fan now. You know what? This mixtape is part of something bigger. I was a high school senior here…I haven’t even told the story of my first year as a College Freshman. So when everyone is talking about those times, you can point to this from way back when. Or you could point to it now, so you won’t be the only one who caught on before everyone else 😉

Oh by the way, here’s a song. It’s called Glimpses and it’s for all those who have a loved one they miss.